7 Great ways to prevent children from becoming picky eaters

Picking foods usually is one of the early symptoms of a child who has difficulty eating. Initially, your child only likes a few types of food, but over time you will be increasingly difficult to persuade your child to eat if it is not under their wishes.
You need to know that a child having difficulty eating can also be caused by a play disorder that causes the child to refuse to eat because he is too absorbed in the game. There are several ways to get around so that your child wants to eat and not be a child who chooses food (), including:

1. Understand your child’s appetite

Don’t force your child to eat if he’s not hungry, and don’t force him to open his mouth. This will trigger your child to stay afloat with his reluctance. Know your food tastes and keep your taste in nutritious foods.

2. Make interesting food

Make food with interesting shapes. Children usually prefer that food comes in bright and varied colors that can arouse appetite.

3. Be patient with the new menu

If you serve food with a new menu, usually your child just kisses and tasted it a little and then put it back.

4. Make your child’s eating schedule

If your child is having difficulty eating, make a regular schedule to set the time to eat your baby. Every day try your child to eat 2 or 3 large meals with a healthy menu. Not only that but also include snacks and juices in your child’s eating schedule.

5. Involve children in serving food

Inviting your child to participate in preparing food is one of the tips to make children want to eat.

6. Give an example

A small child is a good copycat. If you want to introduce vegetables and fruits for your baby to eat, then do it with an example. Your child will imitate what you eat, so eat foods that are nutritious and rich in nutrients.

7. Minimize distractions

When mealtime comes, keep any distractions away from your child, such as turning off the television or other gadgets so that the child can concentrate more on his food. Also, avoid feeding your child while playing, this will also make children lazy to eat.