Which is healthier water or fruit juice?

Which is healthier water or fruit juice ? To maintain health, many health experts recommend that you always pay attention to the food you consume. Also, you are advised to always meet the needs of adequate body fluids by paying attention to your intake of water or other healthy drinks.
For the sake of having a healthy body, in addition to drinking water, you are also asked to be diligent in drinking fruit juice. Because fruit juice is enriched with nutrients and fiber which are good for digestive health.
The question is, between fruit juice and water, which one is better for your health? Here are some points that you can make as a comparison.


Water has absolutely no calories in it. So you don’t need to worry whether your stomach gets bloated or your body gets fatter if you drink lots of water. While fruit juice contains many calories in it. Therefore you are advised not to add sugar to the fruit juice that you make.

Sugar content

Besides being low in calories, water also does not contain sugar in it. While not infrequently you meet people who drink fruit juice experiencing a surge in blood sugar in their bodies. This is because the fruit contains natural sugar in it. So again, you should not add sugar to fruit juice.

Hydration ability of the body

White water can properly hydrate your body. Indeed, fruit juices that contain water can also hydrate your body. However, white water is more telling in handling this matter.

Ability to clean toxins

The fiber content in fruit juices is known to be beneficial for cleaning up all poisons in the body especially those in the digestive system. But you also have to remember that water also has the natural ability to carry out this task. So it’s good you diligently drink water, especially warm water so that the health benefits you get more leverage.


When you make fruit juice, of course, the costs you spend more than water the white you drink. Not to mention you should also choose organic fruit which is more expensive than regular fruit to make your fruit juice healthier.

Practical level

Finally, when you drink water, then you can immediately pour it in glass and drink it. But if you want to drink fruit juice, then you have to peel the fruit first. Then cut the fruit and make it into juice.
Well, those are some points you can conclude from the excess of fruit juice and water. These two drinks are indeed healthy. But when consuming fruit juice you must pay attention to the contents in it so that your body is always healthy.

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