This is the reason why plastic bags are dangerous

The rule of paying plastic bags every time we shop at a supermarket seems to be less effective. The reason is there are still many people who prefer to use plastic bags instead of carrying their bags from home. This movement has a positive goal to minimize the use of plastic bags that are harmful to the surrounding environment. Do not want the earth that we love is damaged because of our reluctance to let go of plastic bags? Here are some reasons why you should no longer ‘touch’ plastic bags.

1. Plastic is a material that cannot be decomposed immediately with soil like other waste

Performing recycles or recycling plastic requires more expensive costs than producing the plastic itself. Even after being successfully recycled, the selling price of plastic is far cheaper than the recycled price, so the loss makes many people prefer to produce more plastic.

2. Plastic is toxic to the environment

Usually, the final disposal site for plastic is in landfills, oceans, and lakes because of limited space. Finally, these various plastic wastes can pollute the habitats of other living things and damage the environment and the ecosystem and food chain.

3. Containing polyethylene

Polyethylene is a type of thermoplastic made from oil and is a photodegrade material which means that plastic, in the long run, will split into smaller, more toxic particles in the form of petro-polymers, which will contaminate land and water which is a place for plants and animals to live and get their food and cause these toxins to enter our bodies too.
To reduce the harmful side effects of plastic, you need to make changes and make lifestyle adjustments. Use recycled cloth bags that can be used repeatedly to save plastic usage. Your contribution if you use cloth bags is very significant, starting from helping to reduce the use of oil to make plastics and protect the habitat of other living things. Remember to wear and carry wherever the cloth bag. Always keep a spare cloth bag in your vehicle and place it in a place that is easily visible so that you continue to remember to carry it.