Sleep Doesn’t Wear Panties? This happens to your body

Sleep Doesn't Wear Panties? This happens to your body
Sleep Doesn't Wear Panties? This happens to your body

Sleep Doesn’t Wear Panties? This happens to your body, sleep is a major human activity besides eating. Because with sleep, you are given the opportunity to refresh it to grow back after your activities. Sleep also makes all the body cells regenerated well so that the body becomes fresher.
Recently research reported by, mentioning that sleep by not using panties can make the body healthier, you know. This is because your genitals both men and women also need to breathe so that the level of pH is balanced. In addition, air circulation in the groin area must also be completely dry so that it can help reduce the growth of bacteria.
In addition to these benefits, here are other positive impacts if you sleep by not using panties.

Prevent itching

When you feel that your vagina area is itchy, this might happen because of the existence of a bacterium that is growing there. This itchiness can turn into a harmful infection if you keep scratching it. So then itchy and infection occurs. So, so that this doesn’t happen, it’s a good idea to sleep by not using underwear. So the vaginal area becomes dry and you don’t feel itchy in the vagina.

Prevents vaginal infection

As mentioned above, by not using underwear then your crotch area becomes drier. The air circulation improves which will make bacteria that cause infection is reluctant to grow. So you can also avoid vaginal infections and the growth of fungi.

Reduces the risk of urinary tract infections

urinary tract infections or ISK causes because of the growth of bacteria in your genital area. These bacteria can grow as a result of a damp or not clean groin area. Then the bacteria can enter your urinary tract and turn into an ISUK disease. That is why you are advised to release panties while sleeping. Because the study also showed that wearing underwear for 24 hours was able to cause infection.

Reduces the odor odor

You often feel that your vagoma is badly flavorful even though you feel that you have been quite diligent in maintaining the cleanliness of the femininity area. ? Maybe it’s a good idea to start removing the underwear when you sleep. This is caused by again when you sleep, the vagina area needs to breathe. So if you remove the underwear, the vaginal area will dry and the bacteria cause odor can disappear.

Prevents the rash

Rash that appears in the groin area does it annoying because it feels sore. Moreover, this rash is difficult to recover because it keeps up when you are walking. Even though you are trapped in a situation that doesn’t wear this, you should sleep by not wearing underwear. So that your crotch area will always dry and free from a rash.

Prevents erectile dysfunction

Not only beneficial for women, but sleeping by not using panties is also beneficial for men. Because by releasing underwear when you sleep, the prostate temperature will decrease. Because hot prostate temperatures can cause erection dysfunction. Well, sleep with underwear turns out to provide many benefits for health. Are you interested in trying it?

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