Not only do you make agile, these 5 martial arts make you slim

Ever been interested in practicing martial arts? Yes, indeed in general practicing martial arts aims to increase one’s dexterity so that they can protect from various imminent threats.
But, who would have thought that this agility exercise can burn calories in large amounts. In turn, this exercise contributes to weight loss. As reported by, here are five types of martial arts that can help you increase calorie burning.

1. Mix Martial Arts (MMA)

This depends on the intensity of the activity. In one hour of MMA training, you can burn around 500-2000 calories. This martial art involves a lot of strength training. Also, this martial arts exercise also involves cardiovascular motion which helps metabolism. That way, it’s not wrong if MMA is claimed as a martial art that helps you become slim.

2. Brazilian Jiu-jitsu

Looking like a child’s play, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu’s martial arts can help you lose weight. In just 30 minutes, this exercise can burn up to 350 calories. This martial art is very good for muscle training.

3. Taekwondo

This sport from Korea is indeed quite interesting to study. Not only does it increase agility, but this martial arts exercise can also fade 600 calories in just one hour. Also, this martial arts practice helps increase the strength of the muscles of the body, especially the arms and legs.

4. Karate

Martial arts originating from Japan you can rely on to break down calories and build strong muscles. In just 30 minutes a karate training session can burn about 280 calories. Not only that, but karate training also helps improve cardiovascular strength and fitness.

5. Tai Chi

Martial arts that require high concentration can help burn 255 calories in 30 minutes of training sessions. Not only that, but Tai Chi also helps reduce stress, which in turn helps you manage your weight well.
Interested in trying the martial arts row? Not only does it increase agility, but martial arts training also makes it easier for you to burn calories faster.