Is it true that fructose or fruit sugar can attack brain health?

The fruit is one of the recommended foods for you to consume every day. Because the content of nutrients and vitamins in it can support your overall body health.
Well, besides nutrition, fruit also has a naturally sweet taste derived from fructose. Even though it’s natural, some health studies have found that fructose is not good for your body’s health. One of them is that fructose can cause a surge in blood sugar in the body.

Do not stop there, a recent study from UCLA also found a surprising fact that it turns out that genes in the brain can be damaged by fructose. “The effect of fructose is then able to affect your brain’s ability to remember and can even cause Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, to heart disease.”

Earlier in this study, researchers used mice as experimental material. The rats were divided into 3 groups. The first group drinks water, the second group drinks fructose, and the third group drinks fructose and DHA, a type of omega 3 fatty acids. Then the rats are trained to escape the labyrinth in tests conducted for 6 weeks.

The result? Rats that drank fructose took longer than mice that drank water and a mixture of fructose and DHA. This led the researchers to conclude that fructose slows the ability of rats to think. The genes in the rat’s brain change which can then be related to the emergence of Parkinson’s, depression, and other brain diseases.

So, does this mean that it will limit you to eat fruit? Well, the fruit still contains phytochemicals, fiber, vitamins, and minerals that prevent chronic diseases. Plus, fiber slows down fructose metabolism in fruit. For this reason, do not reduce fruit consumption. But it is better to consume fruit in whole form only. Because making fruit juice, especially with a regular blender will eliminate the nutrients in it because of the hot temperatures caused by the blender. And if you are forced to drink juice, do not drink fruit juice that has a mixture of sugar or milk in it. Because this adds to the sugar content in the juice and makes it an unhealthy drink.