Innovation! Sweden Open a Special Clinic Men Victims of Rape

Innovation! Sweden Open a Special Clinic Men Victims of Rape, Last week, Sweden announced a breakthrough in the medical world. Sweden opened a special central clinic for men who were victims of rape, in a hospital in Stockholm.
According to Rasmus Jonlund, Swedish liberal party spokesman, this clinic is the first clinic in the world. Previously, Sweden has opened a special clinic for adult children and women who experience sexual harassment. Like the woman’s clinic, a special clinic for men victims of sexual harassment is free of charge and open 24 hours.
The hospital announced the opening of the clinic in July 2015. Based on the statement published in “Vice News” that the doctor will pay special attention to the men of rape victims, who are still taboo worldwide.
Actually, the concept of special clinic care for men victims of rape is not much different from a Women’s clinic. Anna Starbrink (Commissioner) said that because basically, this clinic was the same, then fundamentally in terms of the organization and the method applied was not much different.
The concept of this clinic was carried out based on thought that anyone, both women and men who have experienced bitter experiences Sexually, need care that can make him feel peaceful. When dealing with male casualties, experts noted that the clinic must respond to individual needs.
For those treating men’s victims is very difficult, because the case of a man rape is still something taboo. Men sometimes bring up a slightly hard reaction before they want to receive assistance. They can show in the form of anger, hostility, or even hurt yourself. They need care that can overcome this.
Peter Pollard, (spokesman 1in6, an organization dedicated to raising awareness and support for men victims of sexual violence) explains that one of the difficult aspects to overcome to treat men victims of rape is stigma. Dr. Jim Hopper (a researcher, therapist, and clinical psychologist who specializes in psychological trauma and instructors) argues that it is very possible to establish this clinic in the hospital. But a bitter reality exists today that only a few rape victims are willing to come for treatment. On average from they will wait for days even for years to venture to the clinic.
Hopper also said that he did not predict whether the clinic was able to reduce the number of sexual crimes. But certainly, the clinic offers great assistance to alleviate the suffering of the victim and provide the right physical and psychological care for the victims.