Be aware, here are 7 foods that make the urine more smelly

foods that make the urine more smelly
foods that make the urine more smelly

Here are 7 foods that make the urine more smelly – Apart from anything, urine or also known as urine does give off a urine smell. However, without you realizing it actually urine can also emit a smell that is more urine than usual. One of the things that cause this is the food that you consume every day.
If you have a urine odor that is more pungent than usual, you may have previously consumed foods that trigger urine odor to become even more urine. Launch from, the following is a food that can cause your urine to emit a smell of urine that is more pungent than usual.

Here are foods that make the urine more smelly:


Maybe this is not the first time you hear that this delicious food can affect the unpleasant smell in your urine. Asparagus is a flowering vegetable that is often eaten with steak or processed into a delicious soup. One of the many chemical compounds contained in these vegetables is asparagusic acid.
In our digestive system, these chemical compounds will break down into groups of sulfur compounds. This is the same compound found in gases sprayed by skunks when it feels threatened. After these compounds enter your urine, they create a pretty terrible odor.

Spices-rich food

Some spices will retain their unique spiciness even though they have passed through the body’s digestive tract. If you eat foods with lots of spices such as curry, for example, you don’t need to be surprised if your urine smells a bit spicy.
Especially if you eat foods that contain spices such as cumin and coriander. Both types of spices contain chemicals that are caused by processes in the kidneys. The resulting product smells very strong and sharp.


Salmon offers vitamin B-6 which helps the body metabolize protein and fat. Fish like salmon is one of the foods that you can consume to get the benefits of vitamin B-6. Unfortunately, this valuable vitamin has several negative effects on the urinary tract.
First, your urine will be yellow and brighter than usual. Also, your urine also has a smell that is similar to medicine. B vitamins that have passed through the kidneys will become intact urine. The smell of urine produced comes from several chemical compounds flavored with real food, resulting in a fishy odor or even a smell similar to a drug.


If you love spicy food, you may experience a burning sensation when you pass urine after consuming very spicy food. The cause is the content of capsaicin found in chili meat.
Capsaicin triggers an immediate reaction when interacting with the body’s mucous membranes. Also, they also do not split into certain parts of the digestive system. This is what causes your urine to smell very urine. Also, too much chili can cause you to urinate frequently.


Coffee lovers? As you know, coffee is a source of caffeine. Caffeine has a diuretic effect that can cause your urine odor to become stronger. Also, caffeine contains chemicals that can add to the smell of your urine becoming increasingly unpleasant.
Caffeol is an aroma produced by coffee beans after roasting and does not dissolve in water. Besides caffeine, caffeol is also responsible for the smell of urine from your urine. So, don’t be surprised if the smell of your urine is more intense than usual after you consume coffee.


Garlic is indeed quite well-known as one of the natural antibiotics. Not only that, but garlic is also quite famous to the unpleasant smell of urine. People who consume garlic in large amounts will produce a strong sulfur odor in the urine.
Consuming cooked garlic will reduce the unpleasant odor in your urine. It’s just that raw garlic offers healthier benefits that are more tempting compared to cooked garlic.


If you are an alcoholic consumer, you need to know that consuming excessive alcohol will make your urine give off a urine odor. The main cause is because alcohol itself has diuretic properties. This is the term used for the condition, nature or cause of the increased urination rate.
When you consume excess alcohol, you will more often pass urine without giving clean water to the system for rehydration. With a little water used to make urine, will cause more concentrated uric acid. So, do not be surprised if the color of your urine becomes darker with a sharper odor of course.

That’s it the article about 7 foods that make the urine more smelly, Hope you enjoy it!