Fade fat turns out to be enough just by drinking water

Obesity and efforts to lose weight still seem to be an issue that is always hot to talk about. Especially among those who are not satisfied with body shape and always feel fat. Various ways and diet tips are tried to get the ideal weight without too much torture.

Not too torture? Maybe you think that this is impossible. Because losing weight is not as easy as increasing weight.
Well, don’t be too quick to think like that. Because a study reported by indiatimes.com said that diligently drinking water can make your body fat decay and your bodyweight decrease. Research conducted by researchers at the University of Illinois, United States found that an increase in water consumption of 1% of the amount you consume every day can cause saturated fat, sugar, sodium, and cholesterol to decrease.

Also, research which involved more than 18,300 participants found the following:
Drinking one extra glass of water every day can reduce 68 calories drinking three cups of water decreases 205 calories every day, if 205 calories in your body decrease every day, then you will lose as much half a kilogram per week. The sodium content in the body will also decrease by 78-235 milligrams per day. The sugar content in the blood will drop by 5-18 grams. The cholesterol content also drops by 7-21 milligrams per day. “Water is not a miracle drug that can lose weight instantly. But when you drink lots of water, then your stomach will always be filled and you eat less other than that drinking water is also able to increase the metabolic system in your body so that weight loss will take place more effectively, “writes this research.