Don’t be wrong, these 5 exercises don’t help you get slim

It’s true, exercise plays a pretty important role in weight loss programs. It’s just that, not all types of exercise contribute to this.
Sometimes, some types of exercise that you think can reduce weight, do not give the effect you expect. Now, so that you understand these mistakes, here are five types of exercise that do not affect your weight, as reported by.

Don’t be wrong, these 5 exercises don’t help you get slim

1. Side bend

Side bend is a type of exercise that does not lead to burning calories, even though you do it using heavyweights. Also, this exercise puts excessive pressure on the lower back.

2. Sit-ups

If you hope sit-ups will help you lose weight, then you should get ready to disappointed. The reason, sit-ups do not help you burn calories. Besides, if you don’t do it right, this exercise will put pressure on your waist and can make it hurt.

3. Shoulder press

You might think that lifting weights behind your neck in the direction of up and down movements will help you lose weight. Unfortunately, this exercise that focuses on shoulder pressure doesn’t help you burn any fat. If you do the wrong exercise, it can cause damage to the muscles, tendons, and ligaments.

4. Abdominal exercises

Abdominal exercises using machine assistance (ab machine workouts) help you flex your shoulders and arms. So, you don’t expect this exercise to help you lose belly fat. If you want to smear fat in the stomach, switch to sit-ups and stability balls.

5. Waist twists

Turning the waist serves to increase the flexibility of your body. However, this exercise does not do much to make your waist slim. If you do it too often or suddenly this could hurt the lower back area.
Well, from now on you should be more careful in choosing the right exercise to destroy your fat, yes!