Beware of 4 signs of diabetes in women!

Beware of 4 signs of diabetes in women
Beware of 4 signs of diabetes in women

Beware of 4 signs of diabetes in women! – Some symptoms of diabetes are the same between men and women. Even so, there are symptoms with special characteristics that only occur in women when they have diabetes. However, many people are often unaware that these signs are related to diabetes.
Just by seeing a doctor, someone can find out if their symptoms are a common illness that can be cured or related to diabetes. In addition to some common symptoms of diabetes such as frequent urination, excessive thirst, increased appetite, fatigue, burning, and itching of the feet, dry and itchy skin, and weight loss, other symptoms are only seen in women. Here are some signs of diabetes in women that are often not realized.

Beware of 4 signs of diabetes in women:

1. Fungal infections in the vagina

Fungal infections in the vagina are often regarded as problems related to hygiene or genital infections. But this can also indicate the possibility of diabetes. Fungal infections in the vagina can occur due to sugar carried in the urine when expelled.
Some of the signs include red, red, swollen, itchy, vaginal discharge, and pain during lovemaking. Glucose carried in urine can increase the likelihood of bacteria to flourish in the vagina and cause infection.

2. Sexual dysfunction

Again, not many think that a lack of sex can be a sign of diabetes. Women with high blood sugar levels often lack sexual desire. This can also be caused by nerve damage. Increased blood sugar also often makes sex difficult and painful.

3. Diabetes during pregnancy

Women are also likely to have diabetes while pregnant, which is called gestational diabetes. Usually, this type of diabetes is diagnosed at 24-28 weeks of pregnancy. Some of the symptoms include increased appetite, frequent urination, and weight loss even though appetite continues to increase.


Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) or referred to as polycystic ovary syndrome is a hormone disruption problem that is often experienced by women. This usually triggers the appearance of cysts in the ovary. But this problem is actually not only caused by hormonal disorders. PCOS is also often associated with high levels of insulin in the body. Women who have PCOs are usually overweight or who have type-2 diabetes.
Those are some of the signs of diabetes that women should be aware of and recognize. Don’t consider the problems above as health problems that are not related to diabetes. If you experience health problems above, it is better than checking yourself also checking blood sugar levels.

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