8 Things Need to Know Before Consuming Antibiotics

8 Things Need to Know Before Consuming Antibiotics
8 Things Need to Know Before Consuming Antibiotics

8 Things Need to Know Before Consuming Antibiotics, most of us take antibiotic drugs when experiencing an infection. Although antibiotics help protect the body from bacteria, this drug also has side effects that cannot be underestimated.
In some cases, antibiotics provide side effects in the form of bloating, diarrhea, constipation, and even antibiotic resistance. Well, to prevent the emergence of these side effects, the following are eight things you must know before consuming antibiotics, as reported by.

8 Things Need to Know Before Consuming Antibiotics:

1. Antibiotics to fight bacterial infections

are simple, anti means fighting, while biotic means micro-organisms, namely living bacteria. Therefore, antibiotics are actually only used to handle bacterial infections and are not used to treat diseases or viruses.

2. The right dose

The recommended dose to consume antibiotics is 2-3 times a day. So, never consume more antibiotics than that. This is because consuming excessive antibiotics can cause digestive complications. The important thing is to consume antibiotics according to the dosage recommended by a doctor.

3. Don’t consume spicy food or alcohol

usually, consumption of antibiotics is recommended after eating. However, in some cases, the doctor might suggest consuming it before or when eating. One thing is important, don’t consume spicy food or alcohol when you are taking antibiotics.

4. Include probiotics

Antibiotics may attack intestinal bacteria that benefit the body along with harmful bacteria. To prevent this from happening, you can consume probiotics to increase intestinal bacteria. It also plays a role in fighting the harmful effects of antibiotics.

5. Sufficient water consumption

Make sure you get enough water intake (at least 2-3 liters every day). You can also get liquid intake from fresh fruit juice. This is an effective way to help cleanse hazardous chemicals from the body.

6. Stay away from oily food

while consuming antibiotics, you need to consume foods that are easily digested and other foods that affect digestion. Besides, you should avoid oily foods and eat food in a small portion.

7. Consuming Vitamins

When consuming antibiotics, you can want it by taking vitamin and calcium supplements. But, you should avoid the consumption of iron supplements.

8. Light sports

You can do light exercises or yoga as long as you consume antibiotics. This method is effective enough to increase metabolism during medication consumption.
As a cover, it is very common to experience several digestive problems such as constipation or diarrhea when consuming antibiotics. However, this does not mean that you have to stop consuming it. If 8 things above don’t work on your body, then you should consult immediately with the doctor.