7 This chronic disease is caused only by diabetes

7 This chronic disease is caused only by diabetes
7 This chronic disease is caused only by diabetes

7 This chronic disease is caused only by diabetesDiabetes is a disease that is not easy to treat when you have it. Because once you have diabetes, no medicine can cure it. All you can do is live a healthy lifestyle so that your blood sugar remains controlled.
In addition to keeping your blood sugar under control, implementing a healthy lifestyle while suffering from diabetes is also very important. Because several chronic diseases usually accompany diabetes. Reporting from boldsky.com, here is the list.

7 This chronic disease is caused only by diabetes:

Heart disease

Heart disease and stroke are among the most fatal complications of diabetes. High blood sugar adds fat deposits that will clog the heart and then thicken. Blood vessels become narrow so that blood is pumped to the heart is not too much. Thus the risk of heart disease will increase.

Nerve Damage

Aside from a heart attack, nerve damage can also occur due to diabetes. Because blood vessels will be piled with fat. So, your nerves will not get enough nutrients and oxygen. As a result, it is not uncommon for diabetics to experience pins and needles as a result of nerve damage that occurs.

Kidney failure

Any type of kidney problem can be the first signal of diabetes. This is because diabetes will hamper the work of the kidneys to filter blood. Moreover, filtered blood is quite high in the sugar content in it. So that kidney failure often affects diabetics.

Wounds that are difficult to heal

Wounds that are difficult to heal become a classic health problem faced by diabetics. Because high blood sugar levels will make your blood vessels narrow and inhibit blood circulation. Therefore, wounds that occur are difficult to heal. On the other hand, diabetes will make your nerves numb so that you won’t feel pain due to injury.

Reduced vision

Many studies have suggested that diabetes can cause vision loss. And this is indeed true. Because diabetes will affect blood vessels in the retina and cause serious eye problems and even blindness. Also, diabetes increases the risk of glaucoma or cataracts.

Damaging skin health

Skin problems also often affect people with diabetes. This is because high blood sugar makes the growth of fungi and bacteria in the skin fertile.

Causing Alzheimer’s

Diabetes can also put you at a higher risk of developing diabetes. Although there are no precise research results, diabetes can cause brain cells to become obsolete quickly. Diabetes nowadays doesn’t only attack those who are old. Because many young people are also affected by this disease. Therefore, always apply a healthy lifestyle to avoid this terrible disease.