7 Reasons why vegetarians live longer

7 Reasons why vegetarians live longer
7 Reasons why vegetarians live longer

7 Reasons why vegetarians live longer – Being a vegetarian or eating more vegetable ingredients has many health benefits. One of them is longevity. Because they eat healthy foods that can support overall body health.
Here are other reasons why vegetarians can have a great opportunity to live long lives as reported by boldsky.com.

7 Reasons why vegetarians live longer:

Decreased blood pressure

Certain types of vegetables such as cucumbers can lower your blood pressure. Because cucumbers are high in water content in them which is useful for neutralizing your blood pressure.

Heart health

Eating lots of vegetables can make an important contribution to reducing cholesterol and clogging arteries. As a result, their hearts become healthier.

Improve mental health

Vegetables with fruits provide many important nutrients that are beneficial for your mental health and emotional stability. Besides the use of certain hormones in commercially produced meat products can bring hormonal changes in your body as well.

Cancer risk is reduced

With high antioxidants that can be obtained by vegetarians from eating vegetables and fruit, of course, the chance for vegetarians to have a risk of cancer will be reduced considerably.

Avoiding obesity

One factor for obesity can come from the wrong diet. But a vegetarian diet can prevent you from these risks. Because consuming any amount of vegetables and fruit will not add calories in your body.

Reducing the risk of hormonal imbalance

There have been many health studies that mention that meat and animal products can be one of the reasons for hormonal imbalances in the human body. The polycystic ovarian disease is an example of a hormonal imbalance that many non-vegetarians experiences.

Decreased metabolic syndrome

A study published in the journal Diabetes Care shows that those who are vegetarians are at risk lower risk of developing metabolic syndrome. This is also one of the reasons why vegetarians can live longer.
Vegetarians can bring many health benefits to your body. But before deciding to become a vegetarian, think carefully first and listen to your body’s needs.