6 Types of Cancer that Only Attacks Women

6 Types of Cancer that Only Attacks Women
6 Types of Cancer that Only Attacks Women

6 Types of Cancer that Only Attacks Women,  After heart disease, cancer is a second horrific disease that threatens the health of the body and even human life. This is because currently there are so many causing cancer factors that are difficult to avoid because they have a diverse face like dirty air, food is full of chemicals, to unhealthy lifestyles.
Because cancer can attack all humans due to inner cancer cells. The body, so women are also not covered up for this terrible disease. Do you even know that around 10,000 women have lung cancer every year?
Well, besides lung cancer, here are other types of cancer that only attacks a woman’s body.

6 Types of Cancer that Only Attacks Women:

Cervical cancer

In addition to breast cancer, cervical cancer is the second type of cancer that attacks women most. Maybe you haven’t fully understood what is meant by cervical cancer. Cervical cancer is a type of cancer that attacks the cervix and almost 99% is caused by human papilloma virus infection (HPV). Most of these HPV infections occur because of sexual relations made early and frequently challenge partners. To prevent this influence this virus you can do a pap smear test that aims to detect HPV at the beginning.

Breast cancer

breast cancer can now be said to be a type of killer cancer number 1 for women’s health. Apart from being unhealthy lifestyles, big risk breast cancer occurs if you have genetic factors. Early detection is key so that this disease does not develop in your body. Women must be equipped with realizing abilities or examining their own breasts. One of them is diligently fingering the breast to find a lump in suspicious breasts.

Colon cancer

Color cancer is another type of cancer that affects women’s health. Usually this cancer attacks those who have polyps in the large intestine or rectum. This cancer will also infect women who have intestinal inflammatory diseases also infect a lot of women, after cervical cancer. These cancers will usually attack women over the age of 55 years or women who have never been pregnant and give birth.

Skin cancer

Skin cancer is also a type of cancer that is on the rise at this time. The reason is because the current sunlight and low awareness to apply sunscreen cream on the skin. So this habit will lure the emergence of skin cancer.

Lung cancer

is realized or not, the number of women who smoke today is increasing. This is what then makes many people turn into passive smokers. And this activity then fruitful of lung cancer, especially in women. Research shows that 8 of the 10 women affected by lung cancer is caused by breathing cigarette smoke from the closest person.

Endometrial cancer

Endometrial cancer is a type of cancer that attacks the uterine layer. This cancer itself is classified into a deadly type of cancer for women. Some factors that cause endometrial cancer are menstrual that emerged early, history of infertility, late menopause, to women who never give birth Your life can also be a bet. But before this terrible disease attacks your body, it is better to avoid various factors that can cause cancer and always apply a healthy lifestyle.