5 Surprising things that happen to your body when you laugh out loud

Laughter is therapy. Yes, this is undeniable. Laughter has many health benefits. Many facts show that laughing is effective in increasing blood flow, decreasing the risk of heart disease, and increasing body energy.
Now, talking about laughter, this time merdeka.com will discuss it uniquely. When laughing, it turns out there are a lot of surprising things that happen to his body. Anything? Immediately we see what happened.

Burning calories

When you laugh out loud, the calories in the body will burn. If you just laugh for one minute, then it’s the same as you exercise for 10 minutes. Wow, cool right? You don’t need a strict diet, just watch funny shows that shuffle your stomach.

Able to foster feelings of loyalty to a partner

Well, this is unique. How can laughter foster feelings of loyalty to a partner? Basically, everyone needs entertainment. according to research, each pair will have serious conversations, simple talk, nosy, joking, and so on. Now, if interspersed with laughter, then in the body and brain will stimulate interest in couples more. So there is a feeling of comfort and high satisfaction when being near a partner.

Being able to improve memory

According to one study, laughter can have a very positive effect on memory. Laughter can be a tool to cure memory problems for elderly people. this is caused by people who laugh tend to have low-stress hormones. So it’s not easy to forget.

Increase body immunity

When laughing, what happens to the body is producing positive thoughts and feelings. So that it can increase one’s immunity. Laughter tends to relax the muscles and trigger the release of natural painkillers for the body which can help have a better quality of sleep.

Muscle weakening

When you laugh out loud, there is a point when the muscle is at the peak of anxiety. This means that the muscles become very weak for a few seconds. That is why when laughing loudly, sometimes the object that you hold suddenly falls. This is caused by muscles and other limbs being poorly coordinated.

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