There are 5 facts about allergies You Must Know

There are 5 facts about allergies You Must Know
There are 5 facts about allergies You Must Know

5 Facts about allergies you must know – Maybe only a few of the people on this earth are immune to everything that can make him sick, including allergies to special things. For example, just like during spring in Japan, many are allergic to flower pollen known as kafungso.
So, what is an allergy? Allergy is a hypersensitive condition experienced by a person due to a failure in the immune system and causes special reactions.
The causes of allergies can vary, ranging from food, caused by animals to heredity. From these allergies, some of them are low or do not cause an effect that is too dangerous, and some that can threaten a person’s life.

There are 5 facts about allergies You Must Know:

  1. An allergy that has been acute and has been experienced for years, the risk of being cured is slightly smaller than starting from the beginning, therapy has been done to cure it. Even for people who are allergic to something and are over 20 years old, the level of allergies will be even higher.
  2. Allergies harm a person’s life, ranging from decreased quality of life, disrupting activities and can be fatal if left untreated.
  3. It is recommended not to use over-the-counter anti-allergic drugs because they have subtle side effects at the start and will be fatal if you continue using them. Therefore, it is better to check with a specialist and get advice or prescriptions for specific drugs that can treat it.
  4. Although it’s been years no longer experienced, it does not mean allergies have been declared lost. This is because antigens that cause allergies are still in normal limits and antibodies that the body has can still fight it. However, if the antigen has exceeded the threshold, then it does not rule out the allergy will re-emerge.
  5. Many studies mention that with a lack of vitamin D in the body, a person will be susceptible to allergies. Therefore it is recommended to consume more foods or drinks that contain excess vitamin D, such as eating salmon, fish oil, or even basking in the hot sun.

By knowing things related to allergies including what can trigger or cause it to return attack early, then you will be easier to avoid allergic attacks without the hassle. That’s it the 5 facts about allergies You Must Know