4 Reasons alcohol is the main barrier to being slim

Many rumors say that only beer causes a person to gain weight. Unfortunately, all types of alcohol contain high calories. About 30 ml of whiskey contains 111 calories while vodka contains 55 calories. A large glass of beer (330ml) contains 104 calories and 120 ml of red wine contains 89 calories.
Meanwhile, only a few people can refrain from getting just one glass of alcohol. Of course, this is bad news for those of you who are on a weight loss diet program, right?
Now, to help you reduce the amount of alcohol you drink, here are four reasons that make alcohol a major barrier to getting a slim body, like which was launched through.

1. Increasing cortisol levels

Not only intoxicating, but alcohol also increases cortisol levels in the body which also benefits the position of fat, especially those around the waist.
Not only that, but the body also responds to alcohol as a poison so that the focus of the body’s performance concentrated to get rid of it. This condition will reduce the capacity to burn fat at a certain time.

2. Adding calories

A person will usually be careless in food after being hit by drinking because of consuming too much alcohol. Alcohol will make you feel thirsty so it’s no wonder that you will choose various soups that contribute to saving calories in your body.

3. Skipping exercise time

Consuming alcohol can also disrupt your regular exercise schedule because it takes a lot of time to process alcohol. The reason is, the alcohol you drink must be processed by the liver from ethanol to acetate, and from acetate to urine.
All of these things must be done by the liver so he has to switch the task of treating the glucose you are consuming. This is what causes nausea after you consume alcohol.

4. Disrupting the digestive system

Alcohol can disrupt your digestive system. Because alcohol will complicate the absorption of amino acids and also inhibit protein synthesis. Finally, this condition inhibits muscle formation.
Well, that is why alcohol is not very suitable for the body, especially for those of you who are in the program to lose weight. From now on, try to avoid alcohol consumption!