3 Easy ways for you not to become an emotional eater

There are times when someone is in a state of uncertain heart and mind, then he will prefer to take it out on food or commonly known as emotional eating. So it is with you.
In general terms, emotional eating is the desire to eat all kinds of food excessively because emotions are not stable. Because of this, it is not uncommon for weight and body shape to get heavier and bigger because the food they eat is uncontrolled.
However, there are effective ways to overcome the desire to eat when moods are uncertain. Here are the ways:

Recognizing problems

It’s a good idea to know the problem you’re facing or its cause to stop eating habits when a problem arises. In general, an emotional eater will do his ‘activity’ when under stress, but there are times when it happens when someone is hit by boredom.
When you can map where the problem lies and how it should be overcome, then automatically, the desire to eat can be reduced. This is because the brain will be more focused on finding solutions or solving the problem.


The power of doctrine for oneself is one step that is effective and easy for all people to do when feeling being depressed and erratic. By saying to yourself, “I can” or “I can,” then it will indirectly make your mindset focused on being able to make myself better.
Motivation like this can also make you no longer afraid and upset when a problem hits. It will initially be a little difficult, especially for emotional eaters, because in general food is an escape when problems arise.
However, when you have stressed and set the mindset that you can refuse to continue to chew and be able to get past any problems, then you will not return to being an emotional eater.

Keeping busy

Good too when you are troubled by a problem or an uncertain heart condition, rather than taking it out on food, you can divert attention by doing other physical activities. There are many types of physical activities that can be done, such as sports, making things up to cleaning the house, for example, a small example.
An emotional eater cannot resist the temptation of food when they are having problems because nothing else can they do. Therefore, to be able to occupy themselves and keep them busy, then chewing food is the right solution, even though it is dangerous for health.
Indeed, there are still many other ways you can do to avoid becoming an emotional eater, but everything lies in your mind and how strongly you can control your thoughts and emotions.