Eating fruit can make you fat? This is the proof

When other people want to lose weight, then you are being confused about how to increase your weight. Because you feel that your current weight is still less than ideal for your body while you want a fuller body.
Even if you want to fatten your body, it doesn’t mean that you are free to choose the method carelessly. Because the wrong weight gain program can increase the risk of disease in your body. One healthy way to increase body weight is by eating fruit. Reporting from, here are the types of fruits that can increase your weight.


Eating bananas is an old way to increase your weight. Because bananas are high in calories and vitamin B6 which can drive red blood cells in the body. Bananas are also rich in manganese which can improve the health of your digestive system.


Eating avocados can be a good way for you to increase your weight healthily. Avocados alone contain 400 calories per fruit, contain almost 200 vitamins, and are low in sugar.


Dates are a good fruit for increasing your weight. You can chew it directly or add it to the oatmeal you are going to consume.


In addition to dates, you can consume raisins to increase your weight. Raisins are also loaded with fructose and glucose which can increase your energy.
That’s a list of fruits that can healthily increase your weight. Interested to try it?