Do you know red bananas? Not only unique, but also super healthy

bananas are one of the most consumed fruits in the world. In addition to its good taste, bananas are also high in nutrients including beta carotene and vitamin C. Beta carotene is useful for preventing the thickening of the arteries and protecting the body from the emergence of cancer and heart disease. Also, when you enter the body beta carotene can be converted into vitamin A which is very important to support healthy skin, eyes, and immune system.
Besides ambon bananas, milk bananas, or plantains commonly circulating you, there is another type of red banana that is no less healthy. Even red bananas are high in fiber and can meet about 16% of the body’s daily fiber needs.
Curious about the other super-healthy benefits of red bananas? Reporting from, here is the explanation.

Prevents kidney stones

High red bananas will be potassium which can prevent the formation of kidney stones, heart disease, and cancer. Eating these bananas regularly helps in calcium retention and improves bone health.

Reducing weight

Red bananas contain fewer calories compared to other types of fruit. By consuming red bananas regularly, then you can feel full faster but can not cause weight spikes.

Increase blood production

The high vitamins and antioxidants present in red bananas can increase the amount of hemoglobin in the body. Besides red bananas also contain vitamin B6 which can prevent you from the danger of anemia.

Healthy energy source

Eating red bananas can provide an instant source of energy. Because red bananas are high in natural sugar that can prevent you from lethargy.

Relieves the rise of stomach acid

Raising stomach acid is indeed unpleasant. But you can relieve it by eating red bananas because red bananas have antacid properties in them.
Red bananas are not yet too common in Indonesia. But there’s nothing wrong if you try it when you find this banana in your favorite store.

Vanessa W Reed
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