There’s the latest list of tea is ready to spoil your body’s health

Tea is a drink made from dried tea leaves. When brewed, tea leaves will release all the vitamins in it that are useful for making your body healthy.
As the world of health develops, the type of tea also experiences an increase in variance. Not only from tea leaves, but tea can also come from flowers and even fruit skin, which then creates a unique variant of tea that is worth trying.
Here is a list of the newest and unique types of teas that are ready to spoil your body’s health.

There’s the latest list of tea is ready to spoil your body’s health

Matcha – Tea rich in antioxidants

Matcha is a powdered green tea commonly found in Japan, Korea, or China. Matcha with high quality has a strong antioxidant content in it. Some of the benefits are being able to lower blood pressure and reduce the risk of stroke. You can process matcha in the form of warm or cold. Or you can add it to your favorite food and drink preparations.

Rooibos – Tea is high in mineral content

One type of herbal tea is loaded with vitamin C and antioxidants. Rooibos tea also contains important minerals such as calcium, potassium, magnesium, and zinc which are beneficial for protecting healthy bones and skin. Rooibos tea is a typical South African tea and is often referred to as red tea because once it is brewed, rooibos tea will turn red due to the natural fermentation process. The bonus, rooibos tea turns out to be caffeine-free so it’s safe for you to drink in large quantities.

Pu-erh – Tea for weight loss

Pu-erh is a type of tea that is more than 2000 years old and originated in the Yunan province, southwest of China. Pu-erh is made from fermented green tea leaves. Pu-erh is a popular type of tea because of its miraculous effect on losing weight by suppressing the synthesis of fatty acids and lowering cholesterol with natural statin production in the body. Also, did you know that Pu -He is a kind of luxury tea in China? Packaging of this type of tea is also fairly expensive and is often used as a gift.

Kombucha – Detox tea

Kombucha is another type of tea that is processed or fermented using good bacteria and yeast to produce a type of tea that is rich in vitamins, minerals, and enzymes. Consuming kombucha is very good for protecting the liver thanks to the glucuronic acid content inside of it. Kombucha also contains glucosamine which can fight arthritis by stimulating the production of hyaluronic acid to increase cartilage production and joint health.

White tea – Anti-cancer tea

White tea is the most minimal type of tea drying process so that this tea contains the highest phytochemicals compared to green tea or black tea. High levels of polyphenols coupled with the content of flavonoids and tannins in them are very good for improving oral health and preventing tooth decay as well as combating plaque-forming bad bacteria. Besides that white tea contains the highest antioxidant which is useful for reducing the risk of cancer and other cardiovascular diseases.

Ginseng tea – An energy-generating tea

Ginseng is a native plant of Korea that is often used as a herbal medicine. When processed into ginseng tea, this drink also has high health benefits such as being able to increase the strength of leukocytes or white blood cells to destroy viruses and bacteria, reduce stress, improve mood, and improve reproductive health. Even women who are going through menopause are advised to drink ginseng tea to reduce future hot flashes.

Hibiscus tea – Tea enhancing digestive health

Hibiscus or hibiscus turns out to be processed into tea you know. The acid content in hibiscus has a natural laxative effect that can encourage the removal of impurities in the intestine so that it becomes healthy digestion. Besides drinking hibiscus tea is also good for lowering high blood pressure. When you drink hibiscus tea, add fresh ginger slices in it to give it a better flavor variant. Of all the tea variants above, which one are you interested in trying?

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