Beware, excessive consumption of 5 of these healthy foods can be fatal

excessive consumption of 5 of these healthy foods can be fatal
excessive consumption of 5 of these healthy foods can be fatal

Beware, excessive consumption of 5 of these healthy foods can be fatal – Many people who already understand which are healthy foods and which are not healthy. Healthy food is indeed highly recommended for consumption, but many people are too excited and eat healthy food too often.
They think because this is a healthy food, they can eat at will. When in fact, it causes side effects that are harmful to our health if eaten too often. What are these healthy foods?
Here are 6 healthy foods that are dangerous if consumed in excessive amounts, as reported by

Excessive consumption of 5 of these healthy foods can be fatal:


There are indeed many juice outlets in Indonesia and many of them have achieved success. According to CNN, the juice is a good way to get vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients, but it can also make our body dangerous.
For example, oranges that are turned into the water like juice will lose their fiber and nutrients. Thus, the benefits of oranges are not the same as eating whole oranges. If you don’t like to eat fruit and vegetables directly, juice can indeed be a powerful way if done the right way.
Don’t try to juice all fruits into a full liquid, so you can still get fiber from their seeds and nutrients.


Many people already know that salmon is very good for the body. Salmon may be a popular food among people who want food with good protein and omega-3 fats.
However, many salmon have habitats in polluted waters. Huffington Post reports that many fish farms produce high-fat content and pollutant content. Consumption of foods with extreme omega-3 fats can make the immune system decline. This fat can also increase the risk of colitis, a type of intestinal disease.

Wheat seeds

Wheat seeds have 9 essential amino acids, so they have a complete protein. This wheat seed also has nearly 2 times the fiber of other grains. Also, these foods can smooth the digestive system and increase satiety.
However, if you consume too much, as well as that which causes cramps and reduces your body’s ability to absorb nutrients. If you don’t drink a lot of water, you can also experience constipation or blockages that require surgery.
Wheat seeds seem like the right foods for a diet, but contain more calories per serving than brown rice.


Nutrients found in avocados can help cholesterol and reduce the risk of heart disease. But because this fruit contains high fat, it can cause weight gain. If you eat avocados, it’s important to balance with other foods your body needs. You can enjoy a few slices, but don’t sacrifice other healthy foods.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil is widely discussed because it is very good for health and beauty. Mixing coconut oil in food can increase your appetite, so your weight grows fast because of the fat in it.
Berkeley Wellness says coconut oil has no effect on preventing Alzheimer’s, so you can treat it like butter or just olive oil.
In general, eating healthy foods is necessary, but do not be stunned we must eat them as often as possible.