Consumption of these 5 foods to prevent the onset of gray hair early

As explained earlier, it turns out there are some foods that can trigger the appearance of gray hair early. Like foods high in sugar, salt, and fat.
Then, what food can intercept or slow the appearance of gray hair? According to several studies to be able to prevent or slow down the whitening of hair, the following types of food are mandatory for you to consume.


Walnuts or walnuts are recommended for consumption because they can make hair melanin healthy and able to make hair pigments produced perfectly.


According to many studies, zinc content has an important role in hair color. One of the aquatic animals that can be consumed by humans and have a high zinc content is shrimp. Shrimp meat contains omega 3 which is very abundant and can keep hair healthy and also very good for the heart.


Not only needed by pregnant women but folic acid also good for hair health. One type of vegetable that contains high folic acid is broccoli. By consuming broccoli diligently, the level of hair pigment will be maintained and the strength of its roots also increases.


Eggs contain natural vitamin B12 which is effective for maintaining the natural color of hair. This vitamin will also prevent the hair from the bad effects of free radical exposure that accelerates the growth of gray hair.


Spinach is one type of vegetable that is super healthy. Not only good for bone health, but the iron content with protein in it is also useful for preventing hair discoloration.
How easy is it not a way to prevent gray hair? Frequently consume the above foods.