7 benefits of Onion powder

Onions contain phytochemicals that can increase the work of vitamin C in the body. Onions are also rich in chromium content which helps the body regulate blood sugar levels. When eating onions regularly, onions will help reduce inflammation and infection.
This benefit can be obtained by eating fresh onions. However, many people don’t like fresh onions. Now, to overcome that, we can change the onion in another form, without having to lose the health benefits. The trick is to make it into onion powder. Reporting from boldsky.com, this onion powder holds seven healthy benefits.

1. Rich in fiber

Onion powder has a high fiber content. Fiber serves to help digestive function properly. To enjoy it, you can add onion powder to a mixture of salads and other foods that can help overcome digestive disorders

2. Contains potassium

Because onions are rich in potassium, onion powder is also good for healthy bones and a healthy heart. Consuming onion powder regularly will greatly help the body to regulate blood pressure levels in the body

3. Rich in Vitamin C In

Not only is a fruit rich in vitamin C, but onion powder is also an ingredient rich in vitamin C. Onion powder helps in collagen production, bone health and is the best natural ingredient that helps in wound healing

4. Contains manganese

Shallot powder is beneficial for health because it is rich in manganese, which is the element needed to maintain healthy bone tissue. Also, manganese helps increase metabolism and contains nutrients that help speed up the blood clotting. Manganese is an important nutrient that the body needs because manganese deficiency can cause diabetes, osteoporosis, and arthritis.

5. Rich in calcium

Calcium is one of the nutrients needed to maintain bone health. Onion powder has a calcium content high enough to maintain blood pressure and improve bone health. Also, calcium can support the function of the nervous system.

6. Low sodium

One of the advantages possessed by onion powder is the low sodium content it has. Shallot powder can be an alternative to salt because this powder can also improve the taste of food. Substituting salt with onion powder provides great benefits for our heart health. Because using onion powder as a salt substitute reduces the chance of heart attack, heart disease, and stroke.

7. Low calorie

For those of you who have complaints about weight, you can make this onion powder in your diet. This shallot powder is a food that is low in calories and fat. So, it is very suitable for your diet food menu.
Well, for those of you who don’t know how to make this shallot powder, it’s very easy. First, slice five onions in a circular shape. Second, boil the shallots for five minutes. Third, rinse the boiled shallots in cold water. After that, briefly oven the onion and set aside. As a final step, mash the shallots with a mixer or blender.