5 Reasons to eat potatoes with its skin

5 Reasons to eat potatoes with its skin – Potatoes are a high-carbohydrate food that is commonly consumed as a substitute for rice. Even those who are dieting choose to eat potatoes because the type of carbohydrate is considered more friendly to the body.
Generally, you will definitely peel the potato skin before eating it. But did you know that eating potatoes with their skin without peeling is also good for health?
Reporting from boldsky.com, here are the health benefits.

5 Reasons to eat potatoes with its skin:

Regulating blood pressure

Potatoes contain potassium in them, which is an important nutrient for regulating blood pressure in the body. Potassium helps the walls of blood vessels to always relax to avoid high blood pressure.

Good for the body’s metabolism

Not only good for maintaining blood pressure, but potassium is also good for the body’s metabolic system. According to health experts, when you eat potatoes with the skin, your nervous health will also automatically be maintained.

Prevent anemia

Do you feel you are iron deficient or anemic? Try to eat potatoes with the skin. Because potato skin contains high iron which is good for your blood health.

Gives an injection of energy

Potatoes contain vitamin B3 and niacin, two important substances that help increase energy in the body. Niacin itself acts to convert carbohydrates into energy.

Rich in fiber

Fiber is a nutrient needed to support digestive health. Fiber is also useful for preventing colon cancer. Eating potatoes with their skin is good to meet the needs of fiber in your body.
Potato skin does contain a lot of soil. Therefore, make sure you clean it thoroughly before processing it. You can brush the potato skins and soak them in saltwater so they are clean before taking them.