5 Healthy breakfast from various countries, you must try it!

5 Healthy breakfast from various countries – According to research, breakfast is one way to be healthy. Unfortunately, most people don’t pay attention to how much nutrition is needed for breakfast. They will tend to simply fill the stomach so that they can move throughout the day.
Well, this time merdeka.com will help you to make a healthy breakfast. You can choose from many countries that have a healthy and certainly delicious breakfast menu. Quoted from Indiatimes, following his review.

5 Healthy breakfast from various countries :

1. Japan

In this Sakura Land, people often use a bowl of rice, fermented soybeans, and dried seaweed for breakfast. Do not miss the fish, you know. Fish in Japan should not be missed at breakfast.

2. Vietnam

Unlike in Japan, Vietnamese people are more likely to choose breakfast with gravy. Is Pho, a famous poaling soup in Vietnam. This is a soup that uses bone broth and is very good for the intestines and joints.
The ingredients are quite healthy because it uses ingredients such as cabbage, coriander leaves, onions, a sprig of mint, and fried peanuts. Appearance as shown below.

3. Israel

The Israelites’ breakfast would not be complete without shakshouka. This is a food that is boiled eggs mixed with tomatoes and vegetable sauce. This food is served with Salat katzutz, which is a vegetable consisting of finely chopped parsley, cucumber peppers, onions, etc.

4. Costa Rica

Breakfast in Costa Rica is everything related to protein and minerals. Breakfast in this country consists of steamed rice with black beans. This dish is served with an egg on its side and a bowl of fruits such as papaya and pineapple.

5. Turkey

Don’t ask again in this country. The food menu is all healthy! There are various kinds, ranging from tomatoes, fruit, parsley olives, white cheese, cucumber eggs, and honey. Oh yeah, one more thing. Breakfast in Turkey is incomplete without tea!

Which breakfast menu do you want?