5 healthy benefits of the fresh orange skin

5 healthy benefits of the fresh orange skin
5 healthy benefits of the fresh orange skin

5 healthy benefits of the fresh orange skin. The fruit of oranges is no doubt become a super healthy fruit. This is because high oranges of vitamin C and fibers are needed to improve the immune system and support the health of the digestive system.
Generally, when eating oranges, you consume the meat and throw the skin. But who would have thought if the orange fruit also had health benefits? Reporting from Boldsky.com, here is the answer.

5 healthy benefits of fresh orange skin:

Relieves digestive disorders

The dried orange skin turns out to be high will benefit healthy for digestion. When your stomach is uncomfortable and bloated, add the dry orange peel to a glass of warm water. Then drink it. This concoction is effective for relieving digestive disorders, nausea, rising stomach acid, and can increase appetite.

Dissolve phlegm

in the rainy season like this, cough and cold disease arrived. Often your throat is filled with phlegm. Well, drinking warm mixed with dried orange peel helps in dissolving phlegm and loosens a clogged nose.


Orange peel has anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties in it so that can kill bacteria and viruses in the body. This nature can also reduce acidity and prevent constipation in your stomach.

Reduces cholesterol

Research shows that orange skin can dissolve triglycerides and cholesterol so that your cholesterol will decline.

Prevent colon cancer

Orange peel contains flavonoids known as Hesperidin, effective natural ingredients in fighting colon cancer to osteoporosis.
It turns out that orange peel is useful for your body’s health. Interested in trying it?