Get to know Singapore flu and how to avoid it

Get to know Singapore flu and how to avoid it
Get to know Singapore flu and how to avoid it

Get to know Singapore flu and how to avoid it, Singapore flu in the medical world is better known as Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease (HFMD). Singapore flu is a disease that causes wounds in the mouth, hands, feet, and sometimes in the buttocks and arms.
The injuries experienced also cause pain. This disease usually lasts a long time for a week. This disease is common in children, although it does not rule out the possibility of adults.
Enterovirus virus is the main cause of Singapore flu. The virus can spread easily through coughing and sneezing. Not only that, this flu can spread through infected stools.
Usually, this occurs when someone replaces infected baby diapers and touches other objects that can be easily included in the mouths of children. Wear will usually appear after 3- 6 days post infected by a virus.
Related to symptoms, at first, the children will feel tired, sore throat, and experience fever with body temperature reaching 38-39 degrees Celsius. In one or two days after that, they will show injuries or abrasions that appear in the mouth, hand, feet, and sometimes on the buttocks.
In some cases, the skin rash can also appear before blisters. The blisters will usually disappear in a week. This disease usually does not need treatment. Treatments made usually to eliminate the symptoms raised.
Even so, it is important to know the right prevention method to reduce the risk of contracting Singapore flu. Launching from, some precautions you can do include:
Wash hands with soap, especially after replacing baby diapers or using the toilet to be disinfected or disinfected items that are often touched, including children’s toys that have been infected Viruses, usually will cause pain in the throat. But it is important to consume a lot of water. Avoid consuming foods or spicy and sour drinks