Without choosing food, these 5 tricks help you to reduce weight

Without choosing food, these 5 tricks help you to reduce weight
Without choosing food, these 5 tricks help you to reduce weight

Without choosing food, these 5 tricks help you to reduce weight. Have you often tried various types of diets, but still fails to lower your weight? There might be something wrong with the way you run the diet. Diet, especially those related to body weight is mostly related to the number of calories you eat.
So, whatever the type of food, if you still consume excess calories, then your diet will be far from the word successful. Well, so you don’t get confused and bother, you can do these five tricks. Launching from Huffington.com, here are five simple tricks that help you consume fewer calories, without changing your favorite menu

1. Presenting snacks

People who are in a diet, tend to worry about getting a snack. The snack is actually innocent in this matter. The general problem that occurs actually lies in yourself which is difficult to refrain from spending a secure that you have. To overcome that, you can try a new strategy by accommodating your snack on the plate. This method will be more satisfying while helping you control the number of snacks you enjoy.

2. Eat with a small plate

The portion of the dining can be said to be one of the masterminds that damage your diet. The simple trick you can use is getting used to eating food on a small plate. Many studies have proven that consuming foods on a small plate helps reduce calorie intake. From now on, try to use a plate with a diameter of 30% smaller than the plate you usually use.

3. Blue tableware

Sounds a little strange, right? But research shows that food colors that contrast to the color of plates (or other cutlery) have an effect on reducing calorie intake. Blue is recommended because there are not many blue foods. The real core is to choose the color of the heating equipment that contrasts from the color of your food.

4. Skip the food smell of food

Research shows that advertising or food-based television shows have an effect on someone’s appetite. This does not mean advertising or television shows that air food make you have the desire to eat the food that is aired. However, advertising or television shows related to food encourage you to get a snack. This kind of advertisement or television program encourages you to feel hungry.

5. Chewing food until smooth

This is the simplest and easy trick for you to do. Chewing food until smooth, of course, will make you chew food slower. Research shows that chewing food will longer make someone consume fewer calories. Try it to start now to chew your food becomes smoother. This way will make you feel full of small portions.
a very easy way, right? One trick that you should not forget is, try to get enough rest. Sufficient sleep has been proven related to the effectiveness of work.