The positive and negative sides of Mediterranean Diet and Low Carbohydrates Diet

of the diet being the main topic that is always discussed for those who feel overweight. Especially if the excess weight is to make obesity.
Well, now there are so many different types of diets that all have positive and negative sides. Reporting from, here are some types of diets that you should know good and bad for your health.

Mediterranean diet

The name of the Mediterranean diet is taken from the inspiration of the Mediterranean diet of people who consume a lot of vegetables, fruits, fish, and especially olive oil. They also limit the consumption of processed foods that are high in salt. [S]

Positive side

the food you consume in the Mediterranean diet is low in carbohydrates but high in healthy fats. So that in addition to losing weight quickly, heart health is also maintained.

Negative side

all the food that you consume in this diet you have to cook yourself. Because in Indonesia there is rarely any food that has a composition under the composition of the Mediterranean diet.


Low-fat diet

As the name suggests, a low-fat diet asks you to limit your consumption of fat. Because fat, especially unhealthy ones are very difficult for the body to digest so that it will accumulate and make weight gain.

Positive side

by following a diet like this it is certain that you limit unhealthy fat into the body and make your body slim and healthy.

Negative side

there are times when you can’t distinguish good fats from bad fats. You will consider all fat as bad fat. Though the body also needs bad fats to make all its organs function properly. And sometimes in packaged food sold on the market, the fat content is replaced with sugar and carbohydrates.


Low carbohydrate diet

Just like a low-fat diet, on this diet, you are recommended to limit all carbohydrates in food for consumption. Because just like fat, carbohydrates that accumulate can also make you overweight.

The positive side

eating foods low in carbohydrates in addition to having a positive impact on weight loss can also be to prevent diabetes. Because as you know, in the starch there is the hidden sugar content.

Negative side

carbohydrates are your body’s energy reserves to be able to move well. Therefore, pay close attention to what carbohydrates can be consumed and not consumed by the body. Because carbohydrates from grains are very beneficial for your body’s health.


Low glycemic index diet

The Glycemic index is a substance in carbohydrates that is high in sugar. When you mostly consume glycemic index (GI) then there is an increase in insulin levels which can lead to obesity and diabetes.

Positive side

by consuming foods that are low in GI, it is certain that your metabolic system is running well and making your body so slim.

Negative side

Low GI foods are very limited in choices. So that you may be inconvenienced if you choose this diet. From this explanation, it can be concluded that not all diets provide positive and negative benefits for the body. So instead of being confused, it’s better to choose a healthy and balanced diet.