How many calories needs to be burned to lose 1 kg of body weight?

Years ago, there were scientists who discovered that a human fat that weighs less than half a kilogram, contains as many as 3,500 calories. However, does burning 1 kilogram of body weight mean we have to burn at least 7000 calories? Wait a minute.

According to a study cited by The Huffington Post, fat burning scenarios are not that simple. In the study, two men with weight classified as thin and obese, doing planning meals and exercise for a week. In planning the meal and exercise, the researchers designed it so that they consumed 3,500 fewer calories than they burned in sports.
At the end of the week, it turns out the lean loses less than a quarter of a kilogram of weight, while the obese loses weight to 1.5 kilograms. The difference is, the lean loses weight from muscles, while the obese loses weight from fat and water.

From these results, Pamela Peeke MD, scientific advisor at Elements Behavioral Health, and also author on the health website, The Hunger Fix , states that the calorie deficit in each individual is very different variability.
The most important factor causing this difference is body composition. According to him, the more fat in his body, the faster he loses weight. But if the body has a weight close to ideal, when calories are burned is reduced muscle. Our body will store fat and sacrifice more muscle to burn.

So anyway, there will still be fat in the body. If you exercise and aim for a calorie deficit, which is important for weight loss, the parts of the body that will disappear are muscle, fat, and water. The harder you exercise and manage your eating, the more it will feel the impact if you have a lot of fat and water composition.

In addition, a low carbohydrate diet is also faster for losing weight. Why? Because when a person reduces carbohydrate intake, that person will reduce the amount of water in the body. In the body, every gram of glycogen (carbohydrate) is stored with water. So when someone consumes a low intake of carbo, the body’s metabolism releases glycogen for energy. This causes us to expel more water through urine.

This further shows that a fatter person will more easily lose weight, because even more water is wasted in the body. So, there is never a measure to burn how many calories so that one kilogram of body weight can be lost. The energy or calories you need will be less when you are fat, and will be more when you are ideal body weight.

Vanessa W Reed
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