7 Easy diet before going to bed

7 Easy diet before going to bed
7 Easy diet before going to bed

Diet before going to bed – You can lose weight before going to sleep. This is a cool finding in the world of health. Instead of having to struggle with your diet by taking various supplements, you can apply this method. This brand-new study was revealed from the best-selling book in the New York Times titled Zero Belly Diet. Like what? Here are the reviews.

7 Easy diet before going to bed:

Sleeping in a dark room

To get a good night’s sleep, it is strongly recommended in darkroom conditions. If you sleep in a room that has bright lights, your sleep quality will decrease. Because the eyes will not fully rest. Turn off all things that can emit light. Sleep when it’s dark, the body will produce the hormone melatonin. Hormones not only make you sleepy but can help burn fat.

Don’t play gadgets before going to bed

According to a study from Manchester University, the light that comes from gadgets can interfere with melatonin production in the body. So it will interfere with your body’s metabolism. So, save all the gadgets before going to sleep!

Schedule to drink tea

Certain types of tea can help you miraculously burn fat. Also, tea has good content so that the quality of sleep is maintained. It is effective to delay hunger at night, so you will not worry about being hungry in the middle of the night. Some good teas taken before bedtime are chamomile, lavender, and valerian. This type of tea has many candids like sedatives.


Try eating foods that have a mint flavor. Because mint can suppress the salivary glands and your hunger. If there isn’t, try lighting a candle with the scent of fresh mint in the bedroom. This will also help you not to be hungry.

Stay away from the kitchen

Well, this is also important. stay away from the kitchen. Never enter the kitchen if you want to sleep. Why? Because the temptation to eat will be great if it has entered the kitchen area. Not to mention the aromas of spices or food leftovers that still exist at dinner. It will again arouse your curiosity to eat. We recommend that you lock your kitchen at 8 pm and spend time before going to bed with casual chatting with family.

Warm baths

Warm baths are also proven to be able to relieve stress, relax stiff muscles, so you can sleep soundly. Especially if you just got home from tiring work. But make sure to eat dinner early so that the burning in the body still works when you are awake.

Don’t exercise at night

This will mess up your body. Usually, the boys tend to exercise at night, be it futsal, badminton, or just go to the gym. In fact, the activity will trigger the body to work harder at hours that can be used to rest after work.