5 Victoria Secret models shares a special slim secret for you.

For those of you who are fashion lovers, of course, you will be familiar with the Victoria Secret (VS) brand. Yes, a brand that is synonymous with sexy underwear for women is always present with its collection which is of course sexy but has an elegant and full of beauty. Of course, the success of this brand is more or less supported by models that demonstrate their underwear. And the beauty of the body, especially the sexy but muscular body shape is the main capital.
Some women fans of this brand surely know that the angels or Victoria Secret models not only have a beautiful face, but also a slim body slim. Actually, it’s not difficult to get the ideal body shape like that. Reporting from dailymail.co.uk, here are the secrets you can copy at home.

Rosie Huntington Whiteley – Vegetable juice

Rosie is no longer walking on the Victoria Secret catwalk. But this 28-year-old model is famous for its flat, muscular stomach when it becomes one of the angels. The secret? The model, who is also engaged by Jason Statham, always drinks homemade vegetable juice every day. “My vegetable juice contains kale, celery, apples, cucumbers, and lemon juice,” he explained. Juice made from fresh vegetables is very good for increasing the body’s metabolic system and high in vitamins and minerals. Consuming this juice is also very good for improving body health because it is high in fantastic nutrients such as vitamin C, folic acid, and vitamin K.

Adriana Lima – Omega 3

This VS veteran model has an extraordinarily beautiful and sexy body even though she is no longer young. Even Lima already has two hearts. The secret to always being slim and healthy? “I eat lots of protein and green vegetables. I also always take omega 3 supplements.” Omega 3 itself is very necessary to absorb important nutrients such as vitamins A, D, E, and K in the blood. This supplement provides very comprehensive health benefits such as balancing hormones, keeping skin supple, reducing blood pressure, reducing inflammation, and regulating mood.

Miranda Kerr – Chlorella Supplement

The famous supermodel with its sweet dimples has an amazing body and healthy skin despite being 32 years old and having a child. Kerr said that the secret lies in the Chlorella supplements that he took. This supplement itself is known to be able to remove all poisons in the body and make the skin always elastic. The impact, the body is always healthy and fresh skin. “In addition to taking these supplements, I also consume lots of vegetables and make sure my water needs are fulfilled,” he added.

Heidi Klum – Fruit juice

Although Heidi Klum is now no longer an angel VS. But he is part of the history of this brand. Well, even though he is a veteran and has 4 children, Klum still has a beautiful body. Actually, the secret of beauty is not complicated. He is a fanatical drinker of fruit juice or fresh fruit. “I try to always eat fruit every morning such as pineapple, apples, lemons, bananas, or kiwi. I also routinely make smoothies from these fruits,” he explained. “Of course I also don’t forget to exercise with my children so that my body is always healthy and fresh.”

Shanina Shaik – Living a healthy life

The name Shanina Shaik is increasingly flying when she becomes one of the angels in VS. The sexy secret from Shaik is simple. In fact, he did not undergo a diet that is too strict. He just tried to always run a healthy and balanced lifestyle. “I like to eat lots of protein and vegetables. I also like to drink lots of water,” said the woman of Arab-Pakistani-Lithuanian-Australian blood. “I really love food. I like to eat chocolate, ice cream, and other sweet foods. So I balance it with a healthy lifestyle and always clean eat.” Well, it’s easy not the tips they share? Interested to try it?

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