5 Keys that make a diet enjoyable and successful

When you feel that you are overweight, you will definitely choose to go on a diet, aside from exercise of course. Because the key to successful weight loss is 70% comes from the food you consume and the rest is the exercise you do.

But everyone including you would agree that diet feels unpleasant. Not to mention there will be many temptations that make your diet so unsuccessful. Well, there is a key so that the diet that you do can take place successfully. The following is an explanation.

Prepare mentally well

Mental is the main thing you should prepare when dieting. You must be willing to temporarily ‘fast’. You also have to prepare mentally to eat foods that are bland or not as attractive as usual. Do not complain. Strengthen your mental well so that the diet that you will live successfully.

Prepare a diet menu plan

Diet must be supported by good and balanced menu choices. In order not to be inconvenient in the future, compile your diet menu per day in detail.

Make sure your diet is healthy

A healthy diet is a diet that can provide a variety of nutrients the body needs so that the body is always healthy. Make sure the diet menu you compile contains all important nutrients such as protein, vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, and other important nutrients.

Discipline of time

For your diet to take place successfully, you must also be disciplined in time. Do not skip meals so that you do not ‘revenge’ by eating more food.

Start slowly but firmly

Diet done overnight does not immediately see results. Therefore you need patience. Start the good habit slowly to get the results you want.  Finally, don’t forget to exercise so that your weight loss program runs to the maximum.